Emotional day. . . .

As you may know, Rylee is having her tonsils out on Friday. I had to take her to the hospital today to get her pre-op stuff done. By the time I left there, I was a basket case. The pre-op nurse was going over all the details, and as I was sitting there, I could feel the back of my neck get so hot, and all these emotions ran through me at once. It was hard to keep it together. . . . I didn't want Rylee to see me get upset. I don't want her to worry about her surgery on Friday - momma will do enough worrying for the both of us. ;) Surgery is scary for anyone, but to know your child is the one having surgery, it's double scary. I've had surgery once, and I was 4 {had my tonsils removed}. I totally do not remember a thing. {which, is probably a good thing} 

I have some fun stuff planned for Thursday. After dance, we are going to get pedicures, and then the girls are having their photos taken. After photos, Rylee and I are going shopping for her clear liquid diet {ice cream, Popsicles, juice....the good stuff} - I figured she would want to pick out what she wanted. Then we {her, not I} are going to eat until midnight {I will have wine - ha!} and then stay up late. Like a little slumber party......I figured she can sleep during surgery. :) 

Please pray for Rylee {and me}. Pray for a successful surgery, and a speedy recovery! xo


Johannah said…
I came across your blog this evening while reading "Ashleys Avenue". I feel for you as my daughter had her tonsils out as well. It was definitely an emotional experience. They are so little and helpless. I was a basket case the morning of the surgery. But...I stayed strong long enough for them to take her into surgery and then that's when I lost it. Our doctor informed us that either myself of my husband had to be in the operating room when they put her under, and I made my husband do it. There is no way I would have been able to handle it! But the afternoon after the surgery my little one was up and at it and playing with her toys. She was 3 at the time of the surgery. A few days after that she was back to her normal self!! One thing that they didn't tell me is that her voice would sound different for a while! The first time she spoke after the surgery it didn't sound like her at all!! After about a week, her voice was back to the way it always sounded! Prayers are with you all!

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