My little June bugs

Since the girls' birthdays are two days apart {June 8 & 10}, we decided to celebrate them today. {they had birthday parties before we left NWA} We went downtown to eat lunch, then we headed to the children's museum. Love, love, love the San Antonio Children's Museum. The girls had a blast.

 After the museum, we headed home for naps, then off to dinner. After dinner, we had cupcakes & they opened their big present- a trip to Disney World. They are SUPER excited! Last time we went to Disney, Rylee was 5 & Landry was 9 months old. I think Landry's going to love it this year. She's been running around the house saying, "I get to meet minnie, I get to meet minnie!" So cute! 

Landry's actual birthday is tomorrow, so I'm sure we'll find something fun to do. Talk to y'all soon! 

P.S. Still no uverse! Hopefully this week. ;)


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