Never Say Never....

That's what I said when Rylee first asked me to go see Justin Bieber's movie. ha!

justin bieber never say never 3D

What did we do tonight? We went to see it. . . . in 3D, of course! I am not a fan. I keep asking myself, "how do you make a documentary of your life when you're only 16?" He hasn't really lived yet. The movie was made well, but it just proved that he's still a kid. . . . a kid in a GROWN UP world. Remember Leanne Rimes? Making records at 12 or 13. . . . she grew up too fast, and look at her now. I hope he can continue a life of success, I really do. 
I just wish he'd slow down a little. {that's the mom in me speaking}

BUT, Rylee doesn't understand all of that yet. She just enjoyed seeing his movie. 
She thinks he's cute, and I guess at 5, that's all that matters. ;-)


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