Beauty. . . .Is it skin deep?

I decided to participate in this weeks Show Us Your Life: Beauty Secrets. 

I don't have many beauty secrets, but I will show you some of my favorite products.

First, I use Aveeno Baby as my shower gel. It makes your skin so soft and it smells great. 
Not to mention, it's cheap! 

I wash my face with Dove Soap and use good ol' Oil of Olay for my moisturizer. I've used it the majority of life and probably won't change. I love it!! 

For my make up, I use M.A.C. I love their products. My favorite is MAC Cremesheen Glass. Unlike most lip gloss, it WILL NOT stick to your hair. ha! It's fabulous!!

Now, for my hair. I have curly, thick hair that is unruly. Seriously, it is OUT OF CONTROL
I use Moroccan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner. It makes my hair feel so soft and silky and it smells great! Love, LOVE it!

I pretty much blow dry and straighten my hair everyday. It's a chore. {I CAN'T wait to get the express Keratin Blow Out} To straighten, I use the BabyBliss Pro 1" Straighting Iron. For the last 10 years, I've used a CHI until about a year ago, my hairdresser turned me on the BabyBliss Pro. OH MY WORD. Hands down the best straighting iron around. 
{I've been told it's way better for your hair than the CHI}  

To polish off my hair after I straighten it, I use Eufora Polish Drops. They smell heavenly. 

And I hardly ever use hair spray, but when I do, I use Moroccan Oil Hair Spray. 

That's all I have. Enjoy! :)


Sasha said…
My mom has always used Dove soap and I have seen so many posts on Kelly's SUYL today that use Dove. I need to buy a bar!
Angie said…
I never thought of using Aveeno Baby as a shower gel. That is a great tip! I am going to have to look into. I am sure it has a lot less "harmful" ingredients in it to!
Lori said…
I use the Aveeno baby sometimes too! Thanks for sharing these tips!
Mallorie said…
I'm going to have to get some Aveeno Baby!!! I've heard so many great things about it! I also use Olay moisturizer...I Love it!!! Thanks for sharing!!! :-)
Kathy Olson said…
Hi! I know this was an older post, but wondered where to find the moroccan shampoo/conditioner? I have thick, wavy hair and think this would help.
I found you through kelly's korner blog link up. I was looking through older posts today.

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