Twenty Months

Landry Cate, you are TWENTY MONTHS old today! 

I know I say this every month, but seriously, where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday you were a teeny-tiny-baby! Today, you are my feisty 20 month old! You have the most, hilarious personality. You LOVE to put on a show. The more we watch, the funnier you are. It's hilarious, for sure! You are talking up a storm.....most words we understand, but there are a lot we have no idea what you are saying. ha! You still go to KDO and love it. You have learned so much. I am so happy I decided to enroll you, it's been great. They teach you one sign {language} a month and you seem to catch on pretty fast. You also love your teachers, Ms. Lindsay & Ms. Kristi, and you LOVE all your little friends. Sometimes when I pick you up from KDO, I stand at the door and watch you play, it's my favorite thing to do. 

You are starting to play with your big sister more. {when she allows it - ha!} And also, you have been playing with your bigger toys - like your doll house, and your little people farm. You still love your babies of course, and you still want to wear a bib all day - WE think it's hilarious! 

Before I know it, it will be time to plan your two year old birthday party. . . . . {sigh}

Happy 20 Months my little LouLou! :-)

We love you!


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