Memorial Day the rain!

{those WERE white converse}

Yesterday, we got together with several families from my mom's group and had a picnic at the park. GREAT idea but it started raining about 30 minutes after we arrived. Thank goodness the playground had a huge pavilion but the kids did not want to stay under the pavilion the whole time. So, what happened? You guessed it....we let them play in the rain. With rain, comes mud! If you know me at all, you know that I do not like for Rylee to get muddy. She has never played in the rain, much less the mud. Against my better judgement, I gave in and let her play in the rain and all the mud puddles. She had the best time. She would run, jump and laugh and I know she hit every mud puddle the park had to offer. If you are wondering, yes - the whole time this mommy was freaking out that her little girl was soaked and muddy but at the end of the day, she had a blast and that's all that mattered!

* thank goodness Kasey had a golf shirt in his truck. He stripped her down and put it on her for the ride home!

Until next time.......xoxo


Jennifer said…
Looks like she had a great time!
aww rylee looks like she had a blast!!!!

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