June 1, 2009

I cannot believe it.....

June 1st.....wow! Where has 2009 gone? It seems like this pregnancy has flown by as well. I guess having a toddler to chase around makes the time fly. In 9 days, Landry Cate will be here. I am super excited but nervous at the same time. I was induced with Rylee and did not have a great labor/delivery experience. I hope this induction goes more smoothly and quickly. I keep hoping I will go into labor on my own before induction day but it doesn't look promising. I have a doctors appointment on Thursday and I would love to hear, "Oh, you are dilated to a 3 or a 4!" That would be just fabulous! ;) Will keep you posted.

Until next time.....xoxo

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John, Ashleigh, and Jake Haldeman said...

time does fly we cant wait to see her!