March 8, 2009

Our weekend

Not a very eventful weekend but it sure was nice. The weather was great and Rylee enjoyed playing outside. Saturday, I took Rylee to a birthday party at, Kiss A Frog. It was so neat. They started out in a room with a huge castle bounce house, complete with a slide. Next, they went into the "dress up room." All the little girls dressed up as fairies and the three little boys were pirates. So stinkin' cute! In the dress up room, the little fairies had their faces painted, glitter applied to their eyes and even glitter sprayed in their hair. There was glitter everywhere! After they made their own fairy dust, they were off to the cake room. Overall, it was a great party. Rylee had a blast!
Here are some photos of the party! :)

Until next time....... xoxo

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Jennifer said...

What a neat party! Cute fairy to boot. :)