Weekend wrap-up

We've had a great weekend! Friday, we went to dinner and did a little shopping. Saturday morning, Rylee & I picked up Debbie and we headed to Tulsa for a girls day shopping trip. We went to Affair of The Heart, which is so neat. If you are from Dallas, it's like Canton but indoors and air conditioned. There is an admission fee of $6.00 but that will get you in the event all three days...can't beat that! They have it 4 times a year, twice in Oklahoma City and twice in Tulsa. The great thing about it, there are many vendors that do Canton who also do the Affair of The Heart. If you are ever in the mood for a little road trip, check it out. {www.aaoth.com} The next show is in October ~ can't wait to check it out! Saturday evening, Debbie & I headed to the movies to see 'The Proposal' ~ if you haven't see in yet, go see it! It is super funny! We laughed so hard. What a fun filled Saturday! Sunday has been a lazy day so far. Kasey worked in the yard, Rylee has been playing outside and Landry & I have been watching movies. So far, Sunday has been good. Hope y'all have enjoyed the weekend as well.....Monday will be here before you know it!

Until next time.....xoxo


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