Rain and The Fair

This weekend, we were supposed to be in Dallas. We had planned to go to our favorite tradition, The Great State Fair of Texas.

I've been going to the fair ever since I was little. Our school had a "fair day." Every student/teacher got a free ticket, and we were out of school the entire day. SO awesome. {Dallas and surrounding cities still have "fair days"}

Type A me, I checked the weather all week leading up to our trip. RAIN. 70% chance rain all day Saturday. UGH. So, we didn't make it to Dallas. Boo. The girls were sad. 


We did go to Tulsa for the day, and took the girls to the State Fair of Tulsa. Now, I wasn't expecting it to be anywhere near as cool as the State Fair of Texas, but it was worse than I thought. First of all, there was no security check. I walked right in with Landry's backpack. No metal detectors, no police search of our bags, NADA. Now, that made this momma a little scared. I don't know if y'all have ever been to Tulsa, but it can be a little rough. Now, I know Dallas has a rough crowd, but at least when you go see Big Tex, you get your bags searched, and a metal detector wand used. OH, and a Fletchers Corny Dog. ;)

To say it made me nervous is an understatement. :-/ 
{we saw lots of arrests} Nice, huh?

The girls did ride rides, and have fun, but we know next year, we WILL be going to the State Fair in DALLAS - come rain or shine. 


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