Saturday morning, Rylee and I got up and headed to her eye appt. What started out as her routine eye exam turned into, "she needs glasses". WHAAAAAAT? She's never complained about her eyes hurting, or not being able to see, but I have caught her squinting while she's reading or looking at the computer. BUT I didn't think anything about it, until Saturday. Thank goodness this momma schedules yearly eye exams! ;) So, Miss Priss now has to wear glasses while doing homework, or reading, or while she's on the computer. Hopefully, if she wears them like she's supposed to, her eyes will correct themselves, and she won't need glasses long term. Here she is in the frames she picked out by herself. I think she did a great job, and she looks pretty cute in them. :)

{sorry for the blurry photo. I took it with my iPhone.}


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