Some of you may have seen this blog post circulating around Facebook. I happened to see it one day, and decided to read it. WOW. All I can say is WOW. 

The post hit home. I often find myself being too hard on Rylee. I think it's because she is my first born, she is 8, and I expect too much from her. I expect her to know how to do things properly. If Landry cries, I automatically go to Rylee, and ask her what she did. If she spills her breakfast or dinner, I get angry. If she doesn't brush her hair, or her teeth fast enough, I get angry. I expect her to rush, and it's not fair. The other morning I was irritated that her scarf lint was all over her black coat. I mean, how could I send her to school with her coat looking like she rolled around in dog hair? She apologized. And for what? It's not like she did anything wrong. It was lint from her cashmere scarf.  The same day, I came across this post. My heart broke. I am her mother. I am not supposed to be a bully.

 I came to realize that I am not building her up, I am knocking her down. I can see it in her eyes when she does spill something, or take too long getting ready. I can see it clearly in her eyes that I am too hard on her. 

I have vowed to stop being so uptight about the littlest things. From that day on, I try to stay positive, and not sweat the small stuff. I did apologize to my 8 year old for being a bully. We have conversations with our kids about bullies at school, but here she was, living with one.  I know that I am not the perfect mother, so why should I expect my child to be perfect? 


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