BIG News

We're moving 



Kasey starts work on March 11, but the girls and I are staying behind for Rylee to finish school & of course, dance. We have two competitions left. ;)

As much as I longed to be back in Texas, now that it's happening, it's kind of bittersweet. The more I think about it, the more I get teary-eyed. NW Arkansas is the only home my girls have known.  {Ry was 9 months old when we moved here & Landry was born here} Rylee is sad we're leaving. She's the most upset about leaving her dance company. The girls & their moms are like a second family to us. We will MISS all of them for sure. We will also miss all the wonderful friends we made in NWA.  

Yes, it's sad, but I am excited for our new adventure in San Antonio. There is lots to do around there, and my favorite outlet mall EVER is up the road. 

Stay tuned . . . . More details to come. 


Karen At Home said…
Wow! Best of luck on your new venture!

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