Fashion Is My Kryptonite . . . . .

Today was the Kid's Day runway show. Rylee was chosen again this year to walk the runway. Woohoo. SHE loves it. I think it's her calling. ;) We had to be there at 8 this morning for hair & make-up. Too early for this momma, but the girls did great. 
No complaining. 

While Rylee was getting her make-up done, Amanda {of TuTu Couture} asked if Landry would put on a tutu dress, and walk the runway. Apparently they had a girl back out, and needed one more. Landry wasn't sure at first, but she agreed, and jumped right in to the make-up chair. She looked like such a big girl getting all dolled up for the runway. I was super proud of both my little runway models. Here are a few photos from today. All I took was my phone {bad momma}, but I managed to snap some cute shots. Can't wait to get the official photos. Hopefully soon. Enjoy!

She not sure what to think.

Sassy like her sister!!

Her eyelashes were the envy of all the women backstage doing hair & make-up.  Momma is SO jealous. I have to wear falsies to get my lashes to look like that. ;)

My pink fairy!

My monarch butterfly!

ready to head backstage!

And that's a wrap! 


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