Visit from Michael & Sarah, the Tulsa Zoo, a trip to Dallas and the State Fair of Texas!

The weekend of Sept 25, my brother and sister -n-law were in town. At the airport Rylee had her welcome sign for her booboo & sissy! (see pics above of Rylee with her sign - it was too cute) Rylee was so happy to see them. We went to Bikes, Blue & Barb-Q Saturday (Sept 17) afternoon and Rylee loved it! Her first biker rally! ;) We really enjoyed the visit. It's always nice to have family come visit you for a change!

Sunday, before taking Michael & Sarah to the airport, we hit up the Tulsa Zoo. It was ok. Not the best zoo i've been to but Rylee loved it and that was all that mattered.

Last weekend, Rylee and I went to Dallas. While in Dallas, we went to the State Fair of Texas. If none of you have been, it's the best state fair around. Rylee had a blast. She rode almost all of the kiddie rides and loved it. She was not scared one bit. My little dare devil!
Until next time......XOXO

Here are a few pictures of Rylee at the fair.


Jennifer said…
Looks like lots of fun!

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