landry cate, you are 10 months old! {on the 10th of april - mom is a little late}

you are getting so big. in 2 months, you will be 1. where did the time go?
i guess i need to start planning your 1st birthday party?
let's see....what are you up to these days? you are crawling everywhere, standing up and cruising the furniture. you like to eat.....we have been giving you more & more table food and you like it. you sleep through the night but you are an early riser. {so NOT like your older sister - ha! she could sleep all day} as you can see in the above pictures, you are not a fan of your hairbow anymore. as soon as mommy puts one in, you rip it off. ha! you have the best personality and you are very sassy! we love you landry!

until next time . . . . xoxo
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alyssa said…
she is such a little doll!!

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