Fashion Show

A few months ago, Rylee went to an open call for models. NWA was having a Fashion Week , and needed models of all ages. When we arrived, there were SO many kids waiting for their turn to strut their stuff. With this being her first casting call, she was nervous, and then to see all the kids there, she began to get SUPER DUPER nervous. She was like #30 in line, but she did a great job. A few weeks later, the model announcement was made, and sure enough, Rylee was on the list. :) She was beyond excited! She was chosen for the 3 Monkeys Show {3 Monkeys is a local boutique} 

Last Saturday was the fashion show, and she did a great job on the runway. Of course, now she wants to be a model. Which, if this is something she really wants to do, I'm fine with it. She did tell me the other day that if she continues to be a model, she is moving to NYC, and will live in a penthouse. Oh boy! 

It totally makes me smile that my girl has big hopes & dreams. 

Here is a little video of her walking the runway!


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