Texas to NWA

Hi ya'll, I'm Amy!

I'm a Texas native, born & raised.

And now I'm living in NW Arkansas! 

We've been here almost 7 years. Seems like we just moved here yesterday!  I miss my family & friends back in Texas like crazy. Although this is "home" now, I still feel out of place at times. I often ask myself, "how in the world did I end up here?" I never thought I'd move out of Texas, away from all my family. BUT life has a funny way of working out. I have two precious daughters, whom I adore,  and I'm a SAHM. Love every minute of it!! While I do love being a SAHM, it does get lonely from time to time. I've met some great friends since moving to NWA, but I feel like I don't see them near enough. I know it's hard with kids & crazy schedules, but I wish we got together more. I need some adult time! ;) I'm a reality TV junkie, diet coke lover, and I LOVE to shop! 

What about you? Where are you from? 


Jenny said…
Hi Amy! So excited to find your blog through Kelly's link up! Love following other NWA'ers :-)!

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