Christmas Cards

Hey y'all!

 It's that time of year....time to think about Christmas Cards. Tiffany over at Lexi Jayne's Designs did ours this year, and I LOVE them. This was my first time working with her, and it was so easy. I told her the colors I wanted, and she came up with something fabulous, and the card totally matches our personality.  I am so pleased with the outcome, and she's so fast! I've already received our cards. She has two ordering options - the jpeg file or she can print them for you. I had her print ours on the shimmer card stock.  LOVE.

If you are looking for Christmas cards, check her out. Here is her Etsy page , and her FaceBook page.  Once I mail our cards, I will post it for y'all to see how cute it is. 


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