Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is my least favorite holiday. I've never been one to get excited about it. AT ALL! Why do we need a holiday to tell someone that you love them? Or to give them flowers & chocolate? Or jewelry for that matter? Some women get so bent out of shape if their loved one/spouse doesn't get them something for Valentine's Day. I've known some couples who get into huge fights because of the lack of V-day gifts. Seriously. To me, it's just ridiculous! Am I the only woman on the planet who feels this way? Let me know. ;) While I don't need/expect a valentine's day gift, I do love giving little gifts to my two Valentine's. ;) 

Hope ya'll have a Happy Valentine's Day!


Hannah L. said…
I'm pretty ambivalent about it. To be honest I hate flowery romantic gifts. I will do nothing with a dozen roses or a teddy bear. My gift this year was a new (fancy) electric kettle because my old one broke and I drink a pot of tea in the evening after the kids to to bed.. That is plenty romantic for me, something practical, but shows that he was thinking of what I enjoy. Oliver got me a new mug, now I'm all set. Good lord I sound so old....

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