Garage Sale

Before I had kids, I use to love having a garage sale. I'd have it Fri & Sat, and usually ended up making good money. I haven't had a garage sale in years, and the thought of having one makes me ill. With two kids, it's too much work. Plus, they can sniff out toys like border patrol dogs can sniff out drugs. If they find something in the sale bin, they F-R-E-A-K out. Like really freak out. You'd think I was selling their dog or something. ;)

Last year I discovered a new way to have a garage sale......via Facebook! Genius! Most cities have several garage sale sites, and I think it's the best idea ever. You list what you want to sell, someone offers to buy, and you meet them to deliver the item. {in a safe, public place, of course!} Super easy! 

Now, I still a love a good garage sale, I just don't have to have them anymore. ;)

Look up your city on FB. I'm sure you can find one that's close, and I bet if you're anything like me,  you have lots of stuff to sale. Happy Selling! 


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