Leaving on a jet plane . . . .


A few weekends ago, Rylee and I were up at the crack of dawn headed to the airport. We took a girls trip to Northwest Arkansas, or "Home" as Rylee says. It's been 6 months since we moved back to Texas, and my girl was missing her bestie, Sophie like something fierce. So, off we went!

     ** blurry, I know, but this picture melts my heart.

Best.Weekend.Ever! Rylee spend both nights with Sophie, so momma had the hotel room all to herself - not gonna complain! They had the best time. We hung out, went to dinner, got pedicures, did some shopping, watched Sophie dance {dance competition weekend}, saw some friends from her old dance studio,and just caught up. Of course, I met up with some of my girlfriends for dinner the first night. So much fun catching up. Seriously, it's like I never moved. We just jumped right into conversation like we also do! Honestly, I miss them already.   

We had such a great weekend, Rylee and I both didn't want to leave Sunday night, but back to Dallas we went. 

So long NWA, see you again soon!


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