20 on the 20th {I stole this from Allie}

Twenty things I DO NOT like

1.) lettuce
2.) "community food" {food that is from other people besides my friends or family}
3.) bugs
4.) seafood
5.) Negative people
6.) pumping gas
7.) wind chimes
8.) bad parenting
9.) laundry
10.) people who don't RSVP {this REALLY bugs me}
11.) apple juice
12.) driving in the rain
13.) driving across bridges that are over water
14.) Twilight & Harry Potter {HA!}
15.) snakes
16.) going to Wal-Mart
17.) taking a bath {I SHOWER - just something about sitting in a tub of water when your dirty}
18.) people who ONLY think their opinion is the right one.
19.) gold
20.) red wine


Brittany said…
So with you on Wal-mart ---- ugh! I dread every trip!! :(

Here from Jenna's hop - cute blog!
Janelle said…
I don't like Harry Potter or Twilight either! I thought I was the only one!

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