Just checking in

Hey friends! Not a lot going on, just trying to finish unpacking, and getting things set up here in San Antonio. I did manage to take a little break last weekend, and took the girls to see Monsters University - in 3D. If you know me at all, I am not a fan of 3D movies. BUT all the other regular showings were sold out {see, I'm not the only one who doesn't like 3D} so we did not have a choice. 3D it was! {and seeing it another day was NOT going to fly with my two girls} ha!

I thought the movie was funny. NOT hilarious like I thought it would be, but Pixar did a great job on the prequel. The girls loved it. And Landry kept her 3D glasses on the entire time. Totally shocked!

Not a lot going on this week except our 9 yr anniversary, and 4th of July. Hope ya'll have a good week! 


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