Well, it happened. First broken bone. Four weeks weeks ago, Rylee broke her foot. We went to ortho, and he put her in a walking boot. She couldn't bear any weight on it, and had to use her crutches 24/7. BTW, an 8 year on crutches is a pain in the rear. For real. Well, after 3checks ups & 3 more x-rays, yesterday he decided to put her in a hard cast. GREAT! It's summer in Texas, and she's in a hard cast. She's not happy! No swimming, no dancing, just sitting around, watching TV. BOO! I had a feeling he'd put her in a cast, because after 4 weeks, she was still complaining of pain. I just wish he would've put her in a hard cast from day one - we'd almost be done with it. 

Of course, she chose the brightest cast they had - NEON Pink! ;)


Stacy said…
Bless her heart...casts are no fun and even worse when it's the dead heat of the summer. She sure looks cute though with the pink cast.
Laura said…
Hi! I'm stopping over from your comment on Kelly's Korner and I see that Faith at Faith By Design created your blog as well {she's actually giving me a blog face lift as I type!}! Nice to meet ya!

My little girl broke her arm in kindergarten. We had to have 2 casts. The first was neon pink and for the second one, she chose a dark purple. So goes the favorite color of girls!

Hope you have a good week!
Brandie said…
Hi Rylee! Stopping by from Kelly's Korner. Your blog is just too cute. I'll be back to read more! I'd love it if you found time to return the favor:)!

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