The Bachelor

I am an official reality tv junkie. Every season I swear I am not going to watch The Bachelor. . . . . but for some reason, I get sucked back in. This year, the BACHELOR is from Dallas. . . . .woohoo! I have to watch, right? Last nights episode was great. I say great because he let go crazy Michelle. If you have been watching The Bachelor, you know who I am talking about. I kind of wanted him to keep her around to see what she would say/do next but I am sure he was tired of her games. I hope next week is even better. :)

Until next time . . . . .xoxo
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Summer said…
I found your blog through Ashley's Avenue! I am lovin the Bachelor this year also! I to did a Bachelor Recap! I LOL when he sent Michelle packing that girl is Crrraaazzzy! Elizabeth was teasing to much and I seen that coming when he didn't give her a rose.... I was shocked by Ali I really liked her but she is rocking the boat, and I love Vienna but I can't figure out why no-one else does....

Drama, Drama, Drama, I guess that is why I watch....LOL

Look forward to reading more about ya....I am now a follower :0)

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