Earlier today, I ran out to get a few groceries before the "big" snow/ice storm that is projected for tomorrow. First, I hit Walmart and then headed to our local grocery store for meat. {I DO NOT buy meat from WM} Anyway, I turned into the parking lot and was aggrivated that I could not find a parking spot. I drove around for a few minutes and decided to leave. I pulled out and then something told me I needed to turn around & finish my shopping before I took Rylee to ballet.

 As I am hurrying through the store, I spotted this man {about my age} with two small kids. I notice he had a small limp and seemed happy but I didn't pay them any mind and kept shopping. After I loaded my cart with what I needed, I headed to the check out. . . . only to find a long line of people. I stood in one line for a few minutes and decided to check out the line next to me. It only had one was the man & his kids. He didn't have much in his cart....milk, a cake mix, icing, a candle and each child had a frosted cookie each. While checking out, the clerk handed each child their cookie and they were so excited. They were holding the cookies so proud! When it was time to check out, the clerk gave him his total {$9.25} and he looked a little concerned. He dug into his pocket and gave her $4.00 in change and tried to pay the rest with his debit card.

The clerk swiped the card twice and each time it was declined. He looked heartbroken. He had the look on his face that said, "How can I tell my children they can't have their cookies?" In the most softest voice, he told the clerk, "Ok, I am going to step over here and see if I have enough change for the balance." They walked to the service desk and I saw him digging through his pockets. I was heartbroken for this man. His bill was only $9.25. . . . he didn't have the money to buy milk for his kids or even a simple cake mix.

The clerk waited and finally I just told her to add his stuff to my bill. She did, I paid and walked out. I got in my car and cried. Cried for the man who didn't have money to buy a few simple groceries for his kids, cried because I had my cart full of meat, eggs & snacks for my kids. Cried because this happens every day and today was my day to witness it. I truly believe GOD wanted me to finish my shopping so I could help this man.

To the man at HARPS today, you changed my life today &
I hope you and your kids enjoyed the cake tonight.

Go out and do something nice for someone. It will do you some good!

Until next time. . . . . xoxo


great story! thanks for sharing!
Hannah said…
Amy, I really enjoyed this post, not that I like the situation of course but my heart goes out to that man, his family, and others like them. I feel so very fortunate that not only can I care for my family but we can also afford the treats that this man struggled to give his kids. Really puts things into perspective. Thank you.

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