Seven Years

Seven Years ago today, I was up at the crack of dawn, and headed to the hospital to have Rylee. Little did I know, I'd be there ALL day, and ALL night. Yep. I checked in at 5:00 am, and had her at 1:56 am on June 8th. It's really the funniest story. Almost all my family has June birthdays. We have one on the 6th, two on the 8th, two on the 12th, one on the 16th, the 24th, and the 28th. Whew.... See what I mean? When my doctor decided that I didn't need to go past 41 weeks {how generous, huh?}, we talked about induction, and it would either be on the 6th or 7th. Fabulous, I thought.

Since my cousin was born on the 6th, and my brother the 8th, I figured the 7th was a great day to have a baby. Since the minute I found out Rylee was due in June, my brother would always say, "don't have that baby on my birthday", or "I just know you're going to have her on my birthday!" It was the family joke for months. June 7th came, and an hour after being "induced" the family started coming in. My brother & sister in law were the first ones to arrive, and of course, my brother started joking about his birthday. ;) 

As the hours, and hours of labor went on, it was apparent Rylee was NOT going to be born on the 7th, but rather the 8th - my brother's birthday! After she was cleaned up, our sweet nurse put her footprints on a piece of paper, and wrote, "Happy birthday uncle Michael! Love, Rylee", and they took it to him in the waiting room. Melt my heart! I actually love that they share a birthday. Rylee loves hearing the story about her birth, and how her uncle "booboo" was the first one to hold her {besides me & kasey} after she was born.  

As I sit here and type this, I can't believe I will have a 7 year old tomorrow. It doesn't seem real.


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