Skating Party

Saturday was Rylee's 7th birthday party. A Skating party! Her birthday is not until June 8th, but we will be out of town, so we had her party early. And my other child's birthday is on the 10th, so I have to space them out. I mean, you can't have a joint birthday party with your baby sister, can you? ;)  NOT in this house. ha!

The skating party was a lot of fun. I think the kids really enjoyed it.  I was a little nervous at first because the majority of the kids have never skated.....including mine. Well, ok, she's been once, but I was still a nervous wreck. Anyway, by the end of the party, the kids really got the hang of it. Woohoo! 

Here are a few photos of the party. It was hard to snap pics while they were skating. 

Birthday girl ready to PAR-TAY!



Party favors!

 After her party, we headed to the town square to see the hot pink snails. My girls love these snails. 

After a visit with the snails, we headed to Chrystal Bridges, our new museum. The girls loved it! 


Then we ended the night with a sno - cone! What a great Saturday! 

Looking forward to our Dallas trip. One party down, one to go! I can't believe I will have a 
7 & 3 yr old come Sunday. Eeeeeeek! Where does the time go?


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