Last Day of Preschool & Mini B-day party

Today is Rylee's last day of preschool. I can remember when she started - I enrolled her in MDO {mothers day out} when she was 2 and she has been at the same school since. This year was special because she was SO excited for preschool. She loves to learn & I hope she continues to love learning throughout her school years. I am so sad that my first baby will start kindergarten in August, but I am happy for her at the same time.

Today is special because Rylee had a mini  birthday party at school and I picked up special cookies from Rick's Bakery for her class. I hope they liked them. :)

{these are not the best pictures. I didn't have my camera so I had to use my iphone}

Party Pics {thanks, Ms. Amy for taking them}


Andrea said…
So sad! I guess our girls have been together the whole time! So glad to have found your blog. Happy B-day Rylee!

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