Summer is here!

Yes, summer is here and boy is it hot! We've been hanging around the house this past week, trying to stay cool. Rylee had VBS last week & she loved it. I was a little worried about her because she didn't know anyone in her group but she did great. :) Such a big girl! I also the kids 5 yr & 1yr photos done....they turned out really cute. The next two months are going to  be super crazy for us. Between 1 yr & 5 yr check-ups, summer dance session, dance camp & a week at the beach with family, there is no room for my adult friends or playgroups. :(  This makes me sad! Momma needs a break and I'm afraid there will not be one until Rylee starts kindergarten in August. Anyway, hope the summer is going well for y'all!

Here are a few photos of my sweet girls. Enjoy!

Until next time . . . . .xoxo


Andrea said…
Oh the pictures of the girls are so cute! Ashlynn keeps asking me to call and invite Rylee over for a play date. Sounds like you guys are as busy as we are.

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