Rylee's 5th Birthday Party

Today, we celebrated Rylee's 5th birthday with a super cool party at The Crafty Cottage. The Crafty Cottage is a cute little art/craft studio in Bentonville and all the kids at the party were able to pick out & paint a ceramic goody! The kids had SO much fun. Her actual birthday is not until Tuesday, but were decided to go ahead and have her party here because we are going to be in Dallas all next week. The fun part about the party was that my brother & sister in law were in town for the weekend and she was thrilled they were able to attend her party. It turned out great! Thanks to everyone who came & to Sarah & Michael for helping me. I love y'all! Of course, we will do a little birthday dinner in Dallas on her actual birthday - she will be on cloud nine! Here are a few pictures from the party....hope you enjoy!

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Until next time . . . . .xoxo


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