All About ME

{I stole this idea from another blog} 

It's 2011 so let's take a minute and get to know one another! 

Single or Married? MARRIED {6 year anniversary is in July} 

Kids? YES, 2 daughters. Rylee, age 5 & Landry, 18 months

Where are you from? Born & raised in Rockwall, Texas. Now living in Northwest Arkansas. 

Favorite fast food joint? Chick Fil A, of course! 

Favorite restaurant? I have a few, and most of them are in Texas. ;-) I do LOVE Macaroni Grill & Cantina Laredo

Favorite drink? OJ, Diet Coke, Tea....but not gonna lie, I do love a good glass of wine or margarita! ;)

Have a hobby? Does shopping count? ha! Seriously, I do love to shop......I love to hang out with my girls....I love to hang out with my friends, get mani/pedis, and in the last month or so, I have been obsessed with antique malls. {thanks, Sarah!}

ok, that's all folks! Now that you know a little about ME, I hope y'all had a great weekend. :)


Ashley said…
I love this post so much!! =) And I agree, I love a good ole glass of wine! =))))

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