Dancing QUEEN & the flu

Saturday, Rylee had her first dance competition. She was SUPER excited. {and so was I} Back track for a minute..... 

On Wednesday, I took Rylee to the doctor and she was diagnosed with strep throat. We got some antibiotics and she was back at school on Friday. Saturday morning around 2:30 am, she woke up with a fever. Gave her Motrin and within 45 minutes it went from 102.8 to 98.9. Saturday morning I woke her up, did her hair & make up and we were out the door, ready for her dance competition. I could tell she didn't feel well, but she wanted to dance anyway. We get there, get dressed and she danced her first dance. I changed her into her second costume and as we were waiting in the dressing room for the next dance, she vomits. EVERYWHERE. Great! I take her to the bathroom and one of the dance moms {who happens to be a doctor} came to check on her and told me to take her home, give her more Motrin, let her nap until the next dance and she should be fine. We did what she said, and she seemed fine, ready to go back to dance. We went back, she danced two dances, and did great! We  had some time before the next {and last} dance started, and the more we waited, the sicker she got. Took her temp and it was 103. WOW! I decided it was time to head to the nearest walk in clinic and that's what we did. {AND by the way, my sweet girl cried because I made her leave dance. She wanted to stay and finish the competition - NOW THAT'S TEAM WORK! She kept saying, "Momma, will you please tell the judges that I am sick, and I have to leave? She was so worried about letting her team down} Ugh, my heart broke as she was telling me this. 

 As soon as we walked in, the nurse told us to head to the E.R. So, off we go. We get to E.R, they take her temp and immediately put her in a room, give her Tylenol, start and IV, get a chest x-ray and blood work. By this time, her temp was at 105 and this momma was S-C-A-R-E-D! My poor baby was sick. {thank goodness my sister in law was there with me} They finally get her temp down, and the blood work and chest x-ray were clear....BUT she tested positive for the FLU. Fabulous! So, she has had strep & the flu in one week. I felt horrible for her. In all, our Saturday was very eventful. I have to say, as sick as my girl was, she went up there and danced her little heart out like she wasn't sick at all. She was a trooper and gave it her all. I am so PROUD of her. For this being the first competition for our team, the did really well. A few gold & silver medals - they rocked! 

Today, Rylee woke up feeling good. It's amazing what Tamiflu & Motrin will do. I am going to keep her home from school tomorrow just to be safe, but I think she will be just fine. :-)

Here are a few pictures of my dancing QUEEN ~

p.s. She is already talking about the next competition.....which is in April. ;-) 


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