Happy Mother's Day

 Mother's Day 1999 - the first Mother's Day without my mom. 

Mother's Day 2006 - My FIRST Mother's Day as a mom, and the day I said good-bye to my family. It was the day we drove off into the night and made our way to our new home in Northwest Arkansas. 

Mother's Day 2010 - I was the proud mommy to not only my first born, but my second. LOVE! Blessed with two gorgeous
 girls to share this Mother's Day. 

Spending Mother's Day without my mom is hard, but I know we'll get to do it again, in time. I wish she were here to spend it with 
my girls and I, but I know she's looking down on us. 
 I'm so thankful for the time we did have together and that's something I'll cherish forever. I hope she's proud of me.

"A thousand words won't bring you back I know because I've tried, neither will a million tears I know because I've cried." 

Happy Mother's Day mom, I miss you more than words can say. 

To Rylee & Landry, thank you for picking me to be your mom. 
I've loved every minute. I love you!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, 
and to all the ones who hope to become moms.  


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