you have any?

Since December, Rylee has tested positive for strep throat 7 times. Yes, you read that correctly, 7 TIMES! Bless her heart. Last Friday, we had our appointment with the ENT. {Ear, Nose, Throat doctor for those of you asking} The appointment went really well, and as expected, she suggested we get rid of Rylee's tonsils. I knew it was coming, it's just hard hearing it out loud. 

No one ever wants their little one to have surgery, but sometimes you've got to do what's best. She's been so sick with strep, and has missed so much school because of it, I think it's the best thing to do. The ENT went over the procedure, and assured me that she was very conservative when it came to removing tonsils, and she definitely thinks it's time they come out.  And besides, you don't need them anyway. ;)

I really liked how she talked to Rylee about the procedure and explained to her {in kid terms} what would happen, every step of the way. Rylee didn't seem scared....although, she was a bit irritated when Dr. J told her she couldn't take her removed tonsils home with her. ha! I think telling Rylee I had mine removed when I was 4 helped a lot as well. 

I will definitely schedule it sometime this summer between dance camp, summer dance, vacation, and maybe VBS. Ha! ;) Seriously, she will get them removed this summer, hopefully at the end of July. Please pray for a safe surgery and an easy recovery. 


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