A Little Rock Weekend!

Friday evening, we headed to Little Rock for Rylee's last dance competition of the year. The best part of the weekend, our family in Texas came too! Rylee had no idea they were coming and she was SUPER surprised. :) The competition was ALL day Saturday. We started our morning early. We got up, showered, did hair/make-up and headed to breakfast. After breakfast, we headed to the competition and we were there for 13+ hours. YES, it was a long, tiring day, but we had a blast. The girls did so good. Lots of awards and trophies. I was super proud of my tiny dancer. She gave it all she had and danced her little heart out. 

WAY TO GO BAKstage Dance Company Sweethearts! 

Y'all did great and made us proud. 

Sunday, we slept in and did a little shopping before heading home. It was such a great weekend with family. Hope y'all had a great weekend as well. 


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