51 days. . . .

until CHRISTMAS! Shut the front door! It seems like it sneaks up on us faster each year. I usually make fun of the people who decorate for Christmas early - like before Thanksgiving. But this year, I think I will become one of "those" people. We travel at Thanksgiving, so it seems by the time we get back, and get the decorations up, we don't get a lot of time to really enjoy it, before it's time to pack up and head out again for Christmas. So, this year, I may or may not be decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving. ;-)

Of course, Rylee has her Christmas list made already. Actually, it's probably been made since summer. ha! She has all the normal things a 6 year old would want, with the exception of a diamond ring. lol, what is she thinking? Silly little sassy pants! :) So, talking about Christmas lists has me thinking.....do ya'll make list every year? If so, for what? Big items, small items, random items? Kasey and I haven't exchanged gifts since before we had Rylee. We just don't feel the need to. If you know me at all, there isn't anything he could buy me that I don't have {well, within reason of course.....that Range Rover is still at the dealership. HINT, HINT!}, and if I do see something I want, this girl is not going to wait until Christmas to get it. Same goes for him. I, I mean Santa, still stuffs his stocking every year, and vice versa. We just enjoy buying for everyone else. It's the spirit of giving, right?

There is one thing I've been eyeballing....new perfume from Prada. Oh, it smells SO good. It's called Prada Candy.

It's not sold around here... only at high end retailers, and their websites. But there is a slim chance he will have the chance to buy it for me, I may or may not have just ordered it. ;-) 


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