Why I blog

I get asked all the time, "Why do you blog? It just seems so silly." 

I blog for most of the same reasons everyone else does....I like it. I blog because I want to keep my friends & family in the loop with our everyday lives. I blog to keep up with what my kids have done. I don't blog to see how many comments I can get, and I don't blog for money. I blog because I genuinely like it. I'm not the best blogger, but it's fun!

Recently, my sister in law blogged about something very personal in her life. The blog was definitely shocking, but it showed how raw her emotions were. It was life staring you in the face. I didn't find anything wrong with what she blogged, but apparently a lot of people did.....even some family members. No matter what anyone thought of the blog, it's HER blog. She felt the need to say what she did, and I don't fault her for that. Until someone has walked a mile in her shoes, they really have no idea how she feels. She has since changed her blog name, and made it private, which is sad, because she now has to make her OWN feelings and emotions private. Whatever happened to, "if you don't like what you're
reading or if it offends you, stop reading it." {Just keep your nasty comments to yourself} 

Have a good weekend, ya'll!


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