Sweet little Priss. . . .

I've tried to write this post all day. Every time I sit down to write, emotions come over me, and I have to walk away. Most of you know what is going on with my brother & SIL. It is with great sadness that I tell you, their foster daughter, whom they had hoped to adopt, is leaving tomorrow morning. She will be going to live with her cousin. I can't even begin to imagine what my brother & SIL are feeling right now. Not only did the adoption not work out, but they are also losing this little girl, the little girl who has brought sunshine into their life, when there was nothing but grey skies. The little girl that has stolen my brothers heart like no other. The little girl that has shown them you CAN love a child that is not your own. I believe this sweet girl came into their lives for a reason. They've only had her 3 short months, but have grown attached, and love her dearly. She has grown attached to them as well, and doesn't really understand that she is leaving for good. They have talked to her, and she knows she is going to stay with her cousin, but she keeps asking when they are going to pick her up - BREAKS my heart! 

Today, I pray for peace & comfort for our family, especially for Michael & Sarah. Today, I pray that tomorrow goes as smooth as it can, and that miss priss will be going to a home full of love, the love that she deserves. Today, I pray that GOD will bless them with a beautiful baby. Today, I ask you to pray as well.

She has brought so much joy to Michael & Sarah, and to our family as well. We will miss her, but I also take comfort that this is all part of GODS plan, and 
HE knows what he is doing.


"In the end it's going to be ok, if it's not ok, it's not the end." - Bill Rancic


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